Q: How do I set up keywords?
A: Keywords are set up with commas as 'or' and use & for 'and' (combination)
For example: hanes,tees will look for hanes OR tees
hanes&tees will look for hanes AND tees
Spaces are never used in keywords.


Q: How do I set up colors?
A: Colors are mainly used for Supreme only. Color must match *exactly* as Supreme has it.. Capitalization does not matter.


Q: Where is quick task and how is it used?
A: In order to use this, you must set your default size and profile in settings>preferences. Once this is done, you will see a button on the bottom left of the main screen. If there is a surprise drop/restock and have the link copied, click the quick task button and click Save and Start task. This will create a task with your default size and profile. The website must be under the supported sites.


Q: Are proxies supported?
A: Yes. For IP Auth proxies, you must be on Wifi in order to have an IP to authenticate. For User:Pass proxies, you currently have to manually authenticate them since Apple currently does not provide support for these. Will maybe be able to find a way to add in the future. So if you have User:Pass, remember to start beforehand so you can authenticate


Q: Where is the OS and N/A size option?
A: If you leave both size fields blank, it will automatically go for the first/only size option.


 Q: How do I turn on checkout sound?
A: In settings>preferences, there is an option to either turn checkout sound on or off


Q: What is the price check feature?
A: You can set your price range in settings>preferences. Once you set your minimum and maximum price, if you turn this on for a task, it will only checkout if the item is between the price range. This is currently only for Supreme 


Q: What is the delay option?
A: This is a checkout delay which is only used for Supreme in order to avoid getting terms of service page from checking out too quickly. I recommend delays under 1 second.


Q: What is the Google login for?
A: This is to get easier or no captcha. Please sign in after every update if needed.


Q: What if I get a new device?
A: You can deactivate on your current device under settings>preferences and activate on new device.


Q: What if I get "Failed to deactivate key"?
A: Contact me and I will manually deactivate


Q: How can I run in the background?
A: Just start tasks and you can leave the app or lock your phone. If you have a checkout or if there is a captcha that needs solving, you will receive a push notification.


Q: What is the email and password under the task creator?
A: This is only for sites that require login. (ie: Undefeated)


Q: When do I start tasks?
A: I would recommend starting 5-10 seconds before a drop


Q: What are the Supreme and Yeezy Supply views in the settings for?
A: These are backup options in case the tasks do not work. Currently Supreme is just a webview. Yeezy Supply automatically adds to cart your default size which you set in preferences, goes to checkout and autofills information from default profile. Checkout links are also uploaded for other users to bypass queue.


Q: How does solving captcha work?
A: When running tasks, if there is a captcha required, you will be automatically be taken to the screen to solve captcha. For supreme, there is autoclick captcha, meaning you do not have to touch anything unless a you see a captcha waiting to be solved. For Shopify, you will need to click checkbox on captcha and then solve.