Paz 3 (Beta Upgrade)
Paz 3 (Beta Upgrade)
Paz 3 (Beta Upgrade)
Paz 3 (Beta Upgrade)
Paz 3 (Beta Upgrade)

Paz 3 (Beta Upgrade)

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Upgrades from 2.0 🚀

+ Completely new, simple, easy to use interface

+ Better improved error handling/more descriptive errors in order to more easily find issues

+ Completely rewritten modules

          - Supreme rewritten

          - Shopify rewritten

          - Captcha algorithms rewritten

+ Shopify anti-bot fix

+ Supreme new browser task mode

+ Major performance improvements

          - Can handle more tasks much more efficiently

          - Can monitor restocks much more efficiently

          - Checkout speeds improved

+ New Privacy feature. (Enter login information for Privacy and import all cards with one click)

+ Edit Tasks

+ Duplicate tasks

+ Mass edit keywords/links of all tasks (Dropdown to mass edit specific sites only as well)

+ Added quantity picker option with task creation

+ AYCD Support

+ Brand new Yeezy Supply browsers with full autofill support

+ Brand new Adidas queue browsers with autofill support

+ Addition of monitors in discord with quick task support

+ Improved Discord webhooks

+ Finishline queue browsers & autofill

+ Footlocker queue browsers & autofill

+ Eastbay queue browsers & autofill

+ Footaction queue browsers & autofill

+ ChampsSports queue browsers & autofill

+ Disney queue browsers & autofill

+ New expandable browser views for all browser windows

+ Automatic droplist updates for Supreme